A Brief History of Mermaids

A Mythical Sea-Dwelling Creature

Mermaids are generally considered to be rare creatures with the upper part of a woman and the lower part of fish, allegedly found in uninhabited regions

"Pliny the Elder" wrote about half-human, half-fish creatures that he called nereids or sea nymphs, but the description fits what we would today call mermaids

Italian explorer and navigator "Christopher Columbus" spent most of his life at sea, claimed to have seen three mermaids off the coast of Haiti in 1493

In Greek mythology, the description of the mermaid has existed long back, in fact, they are called Sirens there. The word mermaid literally means, "maid of the sea"

Mermaids even have supernatural powers like predicting storms and earthquakes, along with the power of hypnotizing and even controlling water

The undersea kingdom of Naranda, also known as the kingdom of mermaids, is a place located deep inside the sea where the abode of mermaids resides

In the Ramayana period, while going to Sri Lanka, Hanuman encountered Ravana's daughter Suvannamaccha (literally, "golden mermaid") who was a mermaid

Around the year 1222, the body of a dead mermaid was found ashore in Hakata Bay, on the Japanese island of Kyushu, where now a temple is built

In Russia and Ukraine, stories of evil mermaids are quite prevalent, known there as rusalka. These are the restless spirits of departed females killed violently near the sea 

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