An Alleged Time Traveler Who Earned $350 Million And Suddenly Disappeared

A Share Market Investor Arrived From the Year 2256

From time to time some people have come across the world who claimed that they are time travelers.

A similar incident took place in March 2003, when a 44-year-old man named Andrew Carlson was arrested by police in the Canadian city of Toronto for insider trading.

Police became suspicious of Carlson when he made nearly $350 million investing only $800 in 126 high-risk trades.

Carlson made $350 million from these 126 trades and did not lose a single penny in any of these trades.

The stock market is such a place where even the biggest investors are never always right and end up losing somewhere. 

But in this case, it was quite the opposite. Therefore, Carlson was arrested by the FBI on this suspicion, in the hope that Carlson and the people who helped him might be traced.

During interrogation, he revealed that he is a time traveler from the year 2256, so he already knew what was going to happen next in the stock market.

But police took his words as rubbish and started investigating the case in their own way. But to convince them, he gave info about some future events, which were yet to happen.

Fortunately, Andrew predicted events turned out to be correct, which may have been a lucky guess but he got it right.

But still, he was jailed on charges of insider trading, and his bail was set at one million dollars, a huge amount for the release of a prisoner.

A few days later, a secret person got Andrew's bail by filing a $1 million bond paper. But when the bail expired, Andrew never appeared in court again.

After several failed attempts by the police to find Andrew, they believe Andrew to be a time traveler who managed to return to his own time.

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