Barney and Betty Hill 

An American Couple Who Claimed They Were Abducted By Aliens

The First Alien Abduction Case

If the tales of UFOs and aliens are the most reported anywhere in the world, it is in the United States where many flying saucers and strange lights are frequently seen

The day was September 19, 1961, the couple was driving towards their home in the car, and no other vehicle was visible far and wide

Suddenly they felt like a strange bright light was following them in the sky. At first, they ignore the light considering it a shooting star, but within moments, the light seemed even closer

When they stopped the car, they found that the light was hovering over their head, and after some time they fainted

On regaining consciousness, the couple quickly turned the car towards their home, and after reaching home, they felt some odd sensations that they could not voluntarily explain

They both didn't remember anything about that two-hour ride. They reached out to a psychiatrist, who hypnotized them to find out what exactly happened to them

During this, the couple revealed that the grey beings with big eyes had taken them to a metallic disc, which was enormous. They even experimented on them and erased their memories

For months after this incident, Barney experienced many strange dreams and Betty also remained quite worried. This was the first alien abduction account that became widely popular

This was followed by several other cases of alien abduction in the United States