Does A Bigger Snake Than Titanoboa Reside In The Amazon?

You probably know Percy Fawcett, who was such an explorer whose almost entire life was spent searching in the forests of the Amazon

He was looking for a mysterious city called "The Lost City of Z" and it is believed that this city was covered entirely in gold

But due to this curiosity, Fawcett met some such creatures whose talks we have only heard in stories, and one of these creatures was the giant snake of the Amazon

The length of this snake was described by Fawcett to be about 65 feet, and the diameter was at least one foot, which he claimed to see in the Amazon river

According to him, he shot the snake but suddenly this giant snake disappeared into the depths of the river right before his eyes and was never seen again

This was not the only incident when such a large snake was seen, in 1992, a temple priest also claimed to have seen a 75-feet long snake in the Amazon forest

As if we compare its size with Titanoboa, then where the total length of the fossil of Titanoboa was 42 feet, the length of this snake is said to be around 75 feet

But some accounts even described this snake as longer than in Fawcett’s description, reaching over 100 feet long

Percy Fawcett had also seen many other mysterious animals in this forest, such as a giant Apazauca spider which was said to have poisoned a number of locals

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