What Is Cloud Seeding?

Can We Create Artificial Rain?

Rain usually occurs when the air warmed by the heat of sun, becomes lighter and rises upwards. Now As it rises upwards, the pressure of rising air decreases

After reaching a certain height, the air becomes cool. So when the density of air increases, the raindrops become so large that they can no longer hang in the air

So they start falling down in the form of water. This is what we call rain which occurs naturally. But there are some places in the world where no rainfall at all

In such a situation, artificial rain technique comes into use. Artificial Rain (Cloud Seeding) is the process in which clouds are artificially made favorable for rain

This process is usually carried out in three different steps. To complete the first step, the help of many chemicals is taken

In this stage, the air flowing over the desired area where rain is to be made is sent upwards. This is done so that the cloud becomes capable of raining

During this process, calcium chloride, calcium carbide, calcium oxide, the compounds of salt & urea, and urea & ammonium nitrate are used

All these compounds absorb water vapor from the air and start the process of condensation. After this, comes the second step which is also called the Building Stage

The mass of clouds is increased by using salt, urea, ammonium nitrate, dry ice, and calcium chloride. The first and second steps are related to the formation of clouds

But the process of third step is done when the clouds are already formed. So in this step, cooling chemicals like silver iodide are sprayed into the clouds

This spraying is done on clouds with the help of planes, rockets, or balloons. Due to this the density of the cloud increases and the cloud turns into an icy form

And when they become so heavy they cannot hang in the sky even for a while, and start falling in the form of rain

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