Do Fairies Exist In India?

The Real Encounters With Fairies In Hindu Mythology

As in other countries, fairies are still believed to exist in India as descriptions of fairies are found in many ancient Hindu scriptures

One such detailed description of a mystical forest exists inside Forest circles and this kingdom seems eternal, where the wave of ecstasy flows

Lord Krishna walks around in this area with Sri Radha Ji, who has numerous friends, and these friends are actually fairies, who are called Manjaris in the scriptures

Manjaris perform various tasks in the forests like collecting herbs and flowers. They collect gemstones from the wish tree, prepare its dust, and adorn themselves

When Krishna was on earth, he used to spend time with Radha in these forests, so even today he visits this forest and refreshes old memories with Radha

Meanwhile, these Manjaris secretly visit the forest and get the darshan of this divine couple. This description of fairies is considered to be the oldest in the world

Shimla hills are also considered as the land of fairies. In the Dharampur region of Kasauli, there is still a belief that the area is inhabited by fairies

According to locals, in winter fairies take shelter in the trunk of the pine trees, and in the summer they come out to dance and celebrate

Old-time gardeners have seen these fairies in their everyday life and they said, fairies are mostly females which sometimes appear with wings and sometimes without wings

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