Do Wormholes Exist in the Real World?

The universe has been a matter of discussion for us since its inception. Because the knowledge we have about the universe today is still not much

In olden times, people's thinking about the universe was quite different, but after the advent of science, it seems to have completely changed

Over the past few years, scientists have uncovered some great knowledge that was previously out of reach, one of which is about wormholes

A wormhole is a short path that connects two different regions in space. Here two regions do not mean any close place, rather there may be a distance of millions of light years

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It is just a hypothetical structure and researchers believe that a wormhole could connect two regions billions of light years apart in just a second

But the problem is that if a person ever finds a wormhole and enters it, where will he go and at what time, no calculation or formula has been invented for this either

The wormhole can take you to any time, because if theoretically, you enter a wormhole, you may arrive in any year like 1554 or 1469

With the help of Wormhole, we can travel in time and this will be possible only when we find out a wormhole. The wormhole is also called the Einstein-Rosen bridge

None of us have ever seen a wormhole because it is just a hypothetical concept that only we have guessed. But through it we can easily cross the path of millions of light years