What geographical and climate changes would occur?

What If Earth Starts Spinning At The Speed Of Light?

Imagine you are sleeping peacefully on your bed, and suddenly your bed starts shaking. You wake up in a panic and see that everything in your room is moving in one direction

You immediately turn on the TV and see the anchor dancing violently in his wretched studio with the mike in hand, telling that the earth is speeding up its rotation

Earth's surface at the equator moves at a speed of 460 m/s and if there is even a slight change in Earth's rotation speed, its terrible effects will definitely be visible to us

if we increase its rotational speed by 45 m/s i.e. (460 + 45) = 505 m/s, then it will reduce the duration of one day of the earth by two hours

Now if we double the rotational speed of the earth i.e. 920 m/s, then Waves will rise so high in the ocean that everything on land will be submerged underwater

Now if the speed reaches up to 11000 m/s, the shape of the earth will start to become oval and its core will begin to bulge from the equator and become flat from the poles

Now finally if we increase the rotational speed to 299,792,458 m/s (speed of light), it will be 6,52,000 times faster than today's speed of the earth

The shape of the earth will start flattening rapidly and in a few moments, it will be completely flattened like a disc

According to Einstein's mass-energy equation, if an object approaches the speed of light, the object's mass becomes infinite. Earth with infinite mass will turn into a tiny black hole

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