A Serpent-Nymph Mother Of Monsters

A Half-Woman and Half-Snake Monster

In Greek mythology, we find a description of a creature named Echidna, who was half snake and half female figure

According to the Greek philosopher Hesiod, Echidna's mother was the sea goddess Ceto, making Echidna's likely father the sea god Phorcys

Echidna was believed to have lived inside a huge cave, was Typhon's (a monstrous serpentine giant) mate, and is said to be the mother of many legendary creatures

Echidna's face was quite seductive and half of its body is that of a fearsome snake. Actually, she was half a nymph whose beauty was almost impossible to resist

According to Hesiod, Echidna was immortal, taking her victims to pits deep inside the earth, suggesting that she was a carnivorous and cannibalistic creature

She could never die and was ageless or never appeared to grow old. She used her poison on enemies or prey, for which no one had any cure 

Echidna's offspring were quite ferocious, the first Orthrus, a two-headed dog. The second was Cerberus, a multiheaded dog, and third was Hydra, a many-headed serpent

For Hesiod the Echidna was immortal, but according to Apollodorus, the Echidna seduced people who passed through her territory, causing them to kill

But one day while she was sleeping, Argus killed her, who is said to be the hundred-eyed giant

In fifth century BC, historian Herodotus wrote about a creature, though he didn't mention its name as Echidna, but it can be inferred from its features that it was Echidna

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