Fairy Tales In Russia

The Wandering Vilas of Slavic Mythology

Legends Of Vila, A Slavic Fairy Similar To A Nymph

Tales of Fairies are quite popular in folklore across the world and their sightings have also been reported in almost every civilization

A similar kind of creature also exists in Russian folklore, where it is called Vila. The Greek historian Procopius saw Vila in a forest, and named it "Forest Nymph

Vila looks like a beautiful young girl with attractive eyes and long blonde hair. They are often seen in white clothes and have two wings

Margarita, a fairy researcher living in Siberia, who at first did not believe in these creatures, but when she encountered a fairy, she decided to research them

Describing her experience, Margarita tells that in the year 1980 it was winter season, and there was snow all around. In the afternoon she decided to walk through the forest

Going through some distance, she started feeling as if someone is watching her. At first, she looked around and saw no one there. So she kept going

But going a little further, when she turned back, a little woman with two wings was flying in the air, making her completely stunned

Margarita states that the creature was hovering in the air at one point and was watching her as if she had entered its territory. So she immediately left the spot

But later, while researching, she gathered some information about the fairies and understood that the fairy wanted to befriend her

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