Great Fire of London

A devastating fire in London’s history, destroying 13,200 houses and 87 parish churches

In the hot summer of 1666, the city of London was greatly devastated by the worst fire ever recorded in London’s history, destroying almost 13,200 houses and 87 churches

The story of the fire is linked to a bakery where the fire accidentally began and took a large part of the city under its grip

The fire swept through London city from 2 September to 6 September, and when the fire was finally controlled, more than four-fifths of London was destroyed

The entire story began when the fire broke out accidentally at the bakery of Thomas Farriner on Pudding Lane near London Bridge in the early morning hours

Sparks from Farrinor’s bakery jumped across the street and spread rapidly across the City of London in the form of a fierce fire

During that time there was no fire brigade to call and therefore long ladders, leather buckets, axes, firehooks, and water squirts were used to fight the fire

These weren't effective ways to extinguish the fire. But eventually, after several efforts by firefighters, the fire was taken under control by the 6th of September

Fire was definitely extinguished but it caused huge damage to London city, resulting in the destruction of 13,200 houses, 87 churches, and most of the City buildings

This great fire was responsible for making hundreds of thousands of people homeless, which was terrifying. But miraculously only six people died

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