An African Huge Snake With A Fascinating Legend, Dwelling In the "Bottomless Pit"

In the vast forests of Africa, there exists a huge snake whose size can be hundreds of feet long, named Grootslang, a snake that guards buried treasure

Talking about local legends, there exists a deep huge cave in the wilderness of Africa called the "Bottomless Pit", a cave that is filled with precious diamonds

Whoever goes inside the cave has to face Grootslang. The person can save his life by giving diamonds and jewels to Grootslang, otherwise, he will die

In 1917, English businessman Peter Grayson suddenly disappeared from the jungle of Africa while searching for treasure, and the locals blamed Grootslang for this

Col. Remy van Lierde, who served in the Belgian and British Air Forces during World War II, was returning back by helicopter to their Congo base from a mission in 1959

While flying over the forests, he encountered a giant snake emerging from a hole in the ground. He was completely stunned by its size

Luckily, at the very right moment, he took a photograph of this snake with the camera he had, according to his estimate, the snake was about 50 feet long

The photograph was later analyzed by many experts and its analysis revealed even more shocking results

According to experts, this snake was actually near about 200 feet long. According to Col. Remy’s report, when he lowered the helicopter to get a closer look

the snake rose about 10 feet high, ensuring the feeling that it would have attacked the helicopter if it had been within the striking limits

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