The Shocking Horror Story Of Saffron BPO In Gurgaon

Tale Of A Dead Employee 

The Dead Girl Living

There was a BPO in Gurgaon named "Saffron BPO", where a frightening story of an employee was quite prevalent who had passed away even before she was employed

The building in which this BPO had its office was built above the cemetery, hence the people working in the building had to face some paranormal activities

A girl named Rose worked in BPO, who was hired in 2015. She was very talented and was in limelight since her early days because of her dedication towards her work

One night, Rose received an inbound call a few minutes before the end of office time. Usually, inbound calls last about five to ten minutes

But about 15 minutes had passed but Rose was still on call and others who were ready to get into the cab with Rose were waiting and getting upset

While talking on the call, some strange changes started to come in Rose's expressions as if the person on the other side of the call was subduing her

When the call exceeded 40 minutes, one colleague transferred the call to himself. But he was shocked as there was no one on the other side, that call was disconnected long ago

Nobody said anything to anyone and everyone sat in the car and went home. That night Rose didn't talk to anyone all the way, she was silently sitting on her seat

Shortly Rose's stop came and she went towards her home. But the next morning she didn't reach Office. Days turned into weeks, but Rose never came to office again

Rose's colleagues decided to search for her and when they reached the address registered by the company, everyone was shocked to hear the words from the house owner

He said the girl named Rose never lived at that address. Rose's friends couldn't believe it as they had been picking Rose from the same house for the last six months

After this, they decided to check Rose's permanent address which was discovered by documents submitted by Rose to the company, where her parents lived

When they reached her home and spoke to her parents, their senses were blown away as Rose's father revealed that Rose has died four years ago in a road accident

This news created a sensation in the entire office and one by one people started resigning from the company 

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