How Do Banana Trees Grow Without Seeds?

Everyone knows that a banana fruit does not contain seeds. But have you ever thought if there is no seed inside this fruit

then how is the banana tree capable of producing a new plant without seeds, or how do banana trees grow without seeds?

It would be known to all that whether there is a crop growing in 2 months or a tree that stands strong for centuries

there is always a presence of seed in its root. Each plant is produced from a seed, which is found in the fruit of the same plant

Actually, each banana tree can produce banana fruits only once in its entire lifetime, and then it dies

But when a banana tree grows, it produces another small plant that grows from the base of the banana plant

which is called a sucker or pups. These pups help the banana tree to reproduce and when the banana tree dies after fruiting

Then that sucker is removed and sown again in the ground like a seed, leading another banana tree to grow out of it

which then, depending on the climate, will usually produce a new bunch of bananas within 12 to 18 months

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