How Do Parrots Talk Like Humans?

What Makes Parrots Talk Like Humans?

A parrot is not similar to humans in any way, as neither parrot has lips nor nose, but still, they can talk like humans

Everyone mostly feels that humans train parrots well enough to imitate their words, then the question is why humans can't train other birds in the same way

Generally, parrots are vocal learners, which means they capture sounds by listening and then imitating them

According to scientists, parrot's brain is completely different from other birds. The shell present in the outer ring of this bird's brain helps it to learn to speak

Their size is larger than such shells of other birds. With this, parrots understand the nuances of the human voice and are able to mimic it

Most biologists even believe that parrots and other speaking birds do not know the meaning of the words spoken by them

Since human voice is somewhat similar to those of parrots, they find it much easier to imitate. Another reason is the parrot is a social bird that likes to live among humans

It interacts with humans and behaves friendly to them. It also tries to understand human words and gradually becomes capable of imitating their voice

Living more among humans and having an extra structure in the brain, is what makes parrots able to talk when our closest primate relatives cannot

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