How Many Universes Are There According To The Vedas?

Vedic Secrets of the Universe

Sometimes, this question has probably been running through your mind that apart from our universe, is there any other universe in this creation of God?

We get the answer to this question from a very interesting and surprising anecdote from the Puranas

Once Brahma reaches Dvaraka to meet Lord Krishna where the gatekeeper or doorman stops him. Brahma asks the doorman to inform Krishna about his arrival

When the doorman comes back after informing Krishna, he asks him which Brahma you are. At first, Brahma gets a little surprised after hearing this question

Brahma tells the doorman that he is the four-headed Brahma who is the father of the four Kumaras. After this, Krishna calls Brahma inside

There Brahma asks Krishna why did you tell the gatekeeper to ask me which Brahma I am, is there any Brahma other than me?

Krishna uses his Yogamaya to summon different Brahmas from different universes. Brahma sees, there is a ten-headed Brahma, and he wonders what his universe would look like

Then the hundred-headed Brahma reaches there, and within no time the thousand-headed, the million-headed, and even the ten million-headed Brahma reach there

Seeing all this astonishment, the four-headed Brahma bows down at the feet of Lord Krishna and starts apologizing with devotion

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