Why Wearing Sunglasses Makes You More Attractive?

Glasses & Facial Symmetry

Who doesn't love wearing sunglasses? Currently, wearing sunglasses has become the most prominent choice for everyone

From person to person, it is being used for various reasons, some wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sunlight, and some to make themselves look attractive

But have you ever noticed why a person looks more attractive in sunglasses and when a person wears glasses, how does the look of his or her face become better?

So the answer to this question lies in just one word called symmetry, which means how equal are the two sides of anything

Sunglasses not only protect your eyes but also half your face from the sun and somewhere also helps in hiding any facial asymmetry

When we look into someone's eyes, we first try to notice the asymmetry there, but sunglasses cover up these imperfections, helping in appearing more attractive

Also, the sunglasses hide the eyes, and as such this eye part of the body is considered one of the most important parts and is said to be the window to the soul

Looking at someone's eyes we subconsciously feel many things about that person, but when it is covered we cannot read it properly, making that person a little mysterious

This is a deep psychological effect, due to which a person with glasses tends to look smarter than before

Glasses also increase confidence in some way as without eye contact, the expressions of the eyes are not visible, leading to an increase in confidence

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