Kalu Kumaraya, The Black Prince

The Legend of the Kalu Kumaraya

The Incubus of Sri Lanka

The demons have always been recognized as fully grown beings, as they do not spring into existence by taking birth from a mother

Just as the tales of Incubus are found in folklore, similarly, the tales of a demon are quite popular in Sri Lanka, known as “Kalu Kumaraya”, which means Black Prince

He is also known as the "Incubus of Sri Lanka". He is said to be a handsome demon, causing young women to become intimated and drawn to him

Kumaraya was a prince in ancient times, an evil prince who was proud of his father's wealth and power. He always engaged in debauchery and kept an evil eye on young girls

Once he attempted to kill his father in order to steal his Kingdom, but he was failed and caught red-handed, after which he committed suicide out of shame

But even after death, he didn't get freedom from life, instead, he became a demon and remained on earth

His bad habits didn't go away, and he spent his daytime waiting in the shadows seeking beautiful young girls and women at the night

In earlier times, when there was no electricity, people used to sleep outside their homes, but the stories of Kalu Kumaraya started spreading rapidly across Sri Lanka

Many girls claimed to see him and many were also possessed by this Black Prince, causing drastic changes in their vocal pitch and facial structure

After these incidents, people started sleeping inside their homes and started taking various measures to keep this evil spirit away from them

Even today in Sri Lanka, Kalu Kumaraya is believed to be a demon who comes to young girls at night and drains their energy

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