A Creepy Female Spirit With A Powerful Presence, Having Long Black Hair And Feet Facing Backwards



In Nepalese folklore and mythology, there is a description of a female spirit who is quite evil and dangerous, referred to as Kichkanya or Kichkandi

These spirits are considered to be tortured souls of such women who were tortured mentally or physically while alive or died during childbirth or pregnancy

Kichkandi is formed when a portion of the dead body is left unburnt after cremation and such spirits usually begin to haunt the site of their untimely death

Having long black hair and a fair complexion, these spirits can often be seen wearing a red bridal dress, luring lonely male travelers during the night

Local cab drivers often encounter these spirits and according to them, Kichkandi can often be seen asking for lifts late at night

But if she is helped by someone, then after following her directions, eventually, the driver is found unconscious either in the hospital or at the cremation ground

There is a famous story in Nepal of a man named Vishnu, who lived in a rural village and had an encounter with Kichkandi

He was a devotee of God, but one day on a full moon night, he found something unusual, a woman in white clothes just appeared in front of him

But he knew that ghosts were afraid of fire, so he immediately lit the matchstick as he always carried a matchbox, which made her scream and vanish into the air

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