Lady Lovibond 

The Ghost Ship That Reappears Every 50 years

It is a very pleasant experience to see the ships floating in the infinite ocean, but sometimes it also happens that the ship you are seeing is not really there

Tales of many ghost ships have been told since ancient times, one of which is the famous phantom ship "Lady Lovibond" which can still be seen in the sea

In the year 1748, a day before Valentine's day, Captain "Simon Peel" goes on a honeymoon with his wife in a ship carrying some flowers, wine, and a lot of gold

He was overjoyed as he had just married his girlfriend and was celebrating the occasion on a cruise

His friend "John Rivers", the first mate of the captain's young wife was also on board and was not liking Simon's honeymoon at all

While the captain, his wife, and their guests were celebrating the marriage, he turned the Lovibond towards Goodwin Sands in a fit of jealousy and anger

The ship met with a fatal accident and everyone on board died. From that day onwards, every 50 years, on the same day, Lovibond is seen sailing the sea

Many even claimed to have seen Lovibond at sea. Some sent rescue boats thinking the ship might be in trouble, but after going closer, the ship disappeared

Goodwin Sands is infamous for being the most fertile ground for ghost ships as over 2,000 shipwrecks have been recorded with the exact number and around 50,000 lives lost

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