Mathang Tribe Interactions With Lord Hanuman

In Sri Lanka, a tribe named Mathang claims that Lord Hanuman visits Sri Lanka every 41 years and blesses them with his holy form.

The Mathang tribals are believed to be the descendants of Vibhishana who are still living in this particular region, named Hanuman Bodhi sanctuary.

Hanuman was deeply saddened after Rama took Jal Samadhi, so he decided to leave the world and spend his life remembering Rama in Sri Lankan forests.

In those days Hanuman was engrossed in devotion to Rama and was looked after by the Mathang tribe living in the forest.

Hanuman was greatly pleased with the Mathangas, so he granted a boon that he would visit them every 41 years and continue to help them on spiritual path.

According to them, the last arrival of Hanuman Ji was on 27th May 2014 when he interacted with them, and the next arrival will take place in 2055.

Mathangs have always been away from the outside world and hence they are still the same people as they used to be in the Ramayana Kaal.

Tribals can communicate with animals and birds living in the forest. They said, these animals and birds also get the darshan of Lord Hanuman.

If one wants to get Hanuman's Darshan, he has to follow some strict rules by worshiping Hanuman in the forest without contacting outsiders for one year.

Some secret questions are asked to seeker by Setuu's experts. If he answers correctly, he is allowed to visit the spot and meet Hanuman.

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