The Most Powerful And Dangerous Demonic Kings Of Hell

Some Interesting Facts About Hell

Most religions describe Hell as a place where evil people are punished in their afterlife. After death, a person either goes to heaven or hell, depending on his karma

Paimon is quite obedient to Lucifer and given more importance than the rest of the Hell kings. Many manuscripts depicted him as a young man riding a camel


Beleth is a very powerful and evil kind of king, who has eighty-five legions of demons under his control and he rides on a pale horse. His appearance is quite horrifying


Purson is often known as the Great King of Hell, under whom there are about twenty-two legions of demons. Purson is adept at finding lost things like a lost treasure 


Asmodeus is served and obeyed by seventy-two legions of spirits but these spirits are inferior meaning they are not so powerful and are considered lower in rank


Vine is commanding around 36 legions of demons, and apart from the king, he also has the rank of Earl of Hell. He can bring storms and bring down walls


Balam is the most clever of all these kings and he has over forty legions of demons under his control. He can make his summoner invisible and witty or very clever


Zagan is regarded as a great king and president of hell, who is being obeyed by over thirty-three legions of demons. He has the great power to turn water into wine


Belial has about 80 legions of demons and 50 legions of spirits under his control. He was the first to be created after lucifer and hence he is much senior to all the kings


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