Most Popular Ghosts In Indian Folklore 

In India, various types of ghosts and supernatural entities exist, whose presence is defined by those who have seen or heard of them.

Nishi Dak

Nishi means night or dark, and dak means call. It is also called the Night Spirit. Nishi calls its victim in the darkness of night in the voice of a loved one.


These are those unlucky female ghosts who die before marriage and whose many wishes remain unfulfilled. Even after death, they wander in search of a married man.


Jokkho is a supernatural warrior-type entity that protects hidden treasures and wealth on earth, and whatever wealth is in the possession of these spirits becomes cursed.


Odiyan is considered to be a Tantrik who specializes in black magic and Tantra Vidya. He is a shapeshifter who can transform himself into any animal during the night.


Yakshi is the ghost of a woman who has been brutally murdered or suffered a violent death. At night, she sits on the palm trees and waits for her prey.


A woman who dies during pregnancy or while giving birth to a child becomes Chudail. The true form of Chudail is very terrible and ugly, with her feet turned backward.


Pishachas are very scary ghosts, often called flesh-eating demons, found in filthy and dark places, and are always in search of eating human flesh.

Chir Batti

Chir means ghost and Batti means light, Chir batti is a ghost light reported in the Banni grasslands, a seasonal marshy wetlands in Gujrat state.


Chedipe means a prostitute, the women who die an unnatural death, such as in childbirth or by suicide, and prostitutes may become chedipes.


These spirits are demon-like beings found around the graveyards. A male ghoul is referred to as ghul while the female is called ghulah.


Dayan, often regarded as a witch in English, can be a living or dead woman. They worship the devil and are experts in black magic, who possess many magical powers.


Chakva mislead people passing through the jungles or dark deserted roads. It is basically a spirit that doesn't let you reach your destination.


These spirits inhabit cadavers, making the dead person's body their home. Later, the corpse's decomposition stops automatically, causing it to appear like a living person.


Jinnat are very powerful supernatural beings that can be good or bad just like humans. They can be both benevolent or malevolent, and are shape-shifters.


Baak is a grotesque-looking creature who sometimes kills a person and takes the form of a corpse. This aqueous creature is notorious for its murderous nature.


Boba is a creature that attacks people in their sleep and strangles them to death. Boba is the Bengali version of the Sleep Paralysis. 

Nale Ba

It means "come tomorrow". It is a popular legend in areas across Karnataka, with people believing there is a witch  visiting people's homes and knocks on their doors.

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