Why No Electric Lights 

Installed In The Taj Mahal? 

The Taj Mahal is such a marvelous structure that everyone wants to feel its grandeur very closely

From the time of its construction, it was designed in such a way that only natural light could provide enough illumination to rise up its beauty

Taj can be seen in its full glory on a full moon night because while building the Taj Mahal special care was taken to make the building shine in the light of the Moon

The building was constructed from translucent white marble stones, in which the light falling in the moonlit night would provide enough illumination in the structure

When the government attempted to install lights around the existing pond outside the Taj Mahal, all the lights were shattered on the first night itself

Another attempt was made to install lights, but as before, the lights were shattered again. After that, the government never made any effort for this

Some paranormal experts believe that the Mumtaz Mahal spirit is present inside the Tajmahal and she doesn't like that anyone tampers with the Taj Mahal's beauty

Due to artificial lighting, insects are attracted to the lights and some insects leave their excreta on the white marble, leaving a colored pigment on it

Since the Taj Mahal is a mausoleum, housing the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal, no electricity has been provided inside it

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