Pyramid Lake 

The Scariest Legend Of A Spiteful Mermaid And Water Babies

Mermaids are considered to be the most beautiful beings among marine creatures as the tales of the existence of mermaids are found in folklore around the world

They are usually described as having fairly friendly and moral behavior, but this is not always the case

Because there is a legend of such a mermaid in Nevada's Pyramid Lake which is not friendly at all

According to legend, a long time ago this lake was occupied by a mermaid, who was quite well-mannered and used to interact with tribe members

Over time a tribe member became friend with the mermaid and gradually this friendship turned into love. They soon decided to get married but it was not possible at all

The tribe people were against this love affair because they could not include any other creature other than humans in their community

The tribal head decided the mermaid should go back to the lake and  never again have contact with any tribe member, which deeply saddened the mermaid

Her grief gradually turned into anger, which led her to drown the tribe members one by one in the lake

Even today, there are reports of hundreds of people disappearing in the lake every year, who never return

The legend of water babies is also found in the lake as it is heard that in earlier times tribe members used to drown unwanted deformed babies in the lake

Slowly the spirits of these babies gathered in the lake and started haunting it. Many have heard the sounds of babies crying or laughing coming from the lake

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