An Early Mystery Of Electronic Voice Phenomena

A Machine That Enables You To Communicate With The Spirit World

Everyone talks to people living far or near via telephone, but if spirits are real, why not make such a machine that allows somebody to communicate with the dead

The same idea popped up in the minds of some scientists during the 1970s and they decided to build the most controversial machine in history

In creating this strange invention, the scientific community as well as experts in ghost hunting and parapsychology were also involved

About 12 years after the start of this project, in the year 1982, an electronic audio device was prepared, which was named "The Spiricom"

The Spiricom was first used by the foundation's electronic technician and developer William O'Neil

After turning on the machine he kept recording the sounds he heard in it for twenty consecutive hours

Because these voices belonged to those who were neither with them in the room nor on this earth

It was claimed that O'Neil spoke to many spirits through Spiricom, but among all these spirits one spirit was very special

Because that spirit himself explained to O'Neil at what frequency he should set this machine so that spirits' voices can be heard clearly

This spirit identified himself as Mueller, whose real name was George Mueller, a scientist who had died six years previously

Through Spiricom, O'Neil was talking to the dead as if a living person was speaking on a mobile from the front

But the saddest thing was that one day without giving any information, this project was closed

Official reports say that gradually the sounds heard from inside it got dim and then one day it stopped working completely

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