The time when all TVs in America were suddenly turned off for 25 seconds

The Silence Falls And The Murmuring Begins...

Since the invention of the radio and television, billions of watchers and listeners have tuned in for a dose of entertainment

But just imagine watching your favorite TV show or listening to the radio suddenly interrupted by a strange broadcast or a mysterious message

Well, one such strange case had already happened on 29th August 1968, when all the TVs In America suddenly went off for about 25 seconds

For 25 seconds, people heard a voice, a murmur. No one seemed to understand what the issue really was and what the sound was from the TVs

The people were considering it the sound of a devil who was trying to convey some message but nobody really understood it

After 25 seconds, all the televisions turned back on and the daily scheduled programs resumed

No one knows who did this and why it happened but everyone believed that it was the work of the devil

Making it the scariest incident that's ever happened to America

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