The Curse Of Oak Island Treasure

The Lost Treasure

Oak Island Mystery

Oak Island in the Canadian territory of Nova Scotia was historically a great hiding place for pirates to stash their valuable stolen goods

Don't know how many people have hidden big treasures there and later many treasure hunters have tried to find treasure on this island

Along with diamonds, gold coins, and precious artifacts of ancient times, the holy grail of Jesus and the ark of the covenant are also said to be hidden on the island

In 1857, a settler named Daniel McGinnis came to oak island to find treasure, and this was the first reported incident when someone had found some treasure on the island

Daniel had received information about this island from a dying sailor, who while dying, told the secret that the treasure worth £2 million was buried on the oak island

Later three men saw some special marks on the island's trees and they started digging at the same site, but despite digging 30 meters deep, they did not find any treasure

Canada's Onslow Company excavated more on the same site, but one day that hole was suddenly filled with water and this quest also ended

There are also many legends about the island, such as the shadow of many ghosts and spirits guarding the treasure 

Moreover, there is also a curse associated with the island treasure, according to which seven men will die in the search for the treasure before it is found

Figures say, six people have lost their lives so far. Even today, various attempts are made to find treasure on the island, which may soon be in someone's hands

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