The Ghost Ship Sea Bird Mystery

In 1750, a merchant ship named Sea-Bird arrived at Easton Beach, Rhode Island, United States. The fishermen and the rest of the people saw the ship coming

When they began to look at the ship carefully, they came to know that there was not a single person on the deck of the ship

They entered the ship, and were stunned, as there was not a single hope of any person to be found, since there was neither a captain nor any crew member

Surprisingly, when they moved further, they could not see anyone on the whole ship as living forms except a dog and a cat

The condition of the vessel looked as if people were present there a moment before and suddenly disappeared somewhere even during daylight hours in fair weather

They found coffee was boiling on the stove, and the fresh tobacco smoke could be smelled, and the breakfast table was ready

The things were so arranged as if someone had just organized everything a moment ago and the ship was parked in such a way that there was no sign of any accident 

When people inquired deeply, they realized the captain of the ship was John Durham, who was returning from a place called Honduras and going back to Newport that day

There are mainly three stories about what happened to the seabird ship afterward

The first story is that a week later, the ship suddenly disappeared from the beach after being swept off in a storm leaving no debris behind, and was never seen again

The second is that a merchant named Henry Collins bought it and changed its name from Sea Bird to Beach Bird

The third story depicted that it was a haunted ship that has no explanation. But which one of these stories is true, no one knows

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