The Story of the Great Siddha, Mahavatar Babaji

The Immortal Saint (Bodiless Yogi)

The region of the Himalayas has always been the abode of ancient and divine sages as many people keenly visit the region to get the darshan of such miraculous saints

But only a few are fortunate enough to see them. One such divine saint is Mahavatar Babaji whose age is said to be thousands of years

Babaji himself is invisible and is visible only to those who remember him with a true heart as he can give his holy darshan to whomever he wants

Even his ashram is invisible which is called Siddhashrama, popularly called Gyanganj, the divine region of the Himalayas

Babaji's age is quite an interesting factor as very few people have seen Babaji, and those who got this opportunity told their age to be around 18 to 25 years

He is said to have subdued death and for this reason, he is also known as Immortal Baba or Deathless Guru

Paramahansa Yogananda, a devotee of Mahavatar Babaji, has given a lot of information about him in his book "Autobiography of a Yogi"

Once a person insisted on taking initiation from Babaji. On refusing, he said that if he does not get initiation, he will jump from the mountain

On this Babaji said as you wish and the man jumped. Babaji then asked his disciples to bring the dead body of that person to the hill

Babaji brought him back to life by putting his hands on his head and said that he had passed his last test, so now he will be blessed with the initiation

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