The Man Who Was Struck by Lightning 4 Times

The History's Most Unlucky Person

it is often seen that whenever something unexpected happens to a person, he leaves it as his misfortune and started considering himself the most unlucky one

But there is one such person who is considered the unluckiest man in history. Knowing the story of this person, you will never call yourself unlucky

The name of this man is "Walter Summerford". Three similar mysterious incidents had happened to him, due to which he was considered 'unlucky'

The first tragic incident with Walter Summerford occurred in the year 1918 when he was posted in Belgium during World War I

One day he was marching on his horse when he was struck by lightning out of nowhere, leaving his body paralyzed from the hips down

The second incident with Walter Summerford occurred exactly six years after the first incident when he had begun his new life in Canada

In the year 1924, when he went out for fishing was again struck by lightning while sitting under a tree. This time the right side of his body was paralyzed

In 1930, when he was in a park, the weather suddenly turned bad. Meanwhile, the thundering sky lightning fell on him, leaving him completely paralyzed from head to toe

But astonishingly, the lightning did not leave him even after his death, and in the year 1936, once again lightning struck his grave, causing the tombstone to break

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