The Last Corner Of The Earth

The Place Where Earth Ends

Which is the last corner of the Earth? Probably many people will be surprised to hear this as everyone knows that the earth is round then how its end is possible

Let's say, like any city you are living in, it definitely has an endpoint, after which a new city begins. Similarly, just imagine that the end of the earth would be somewhere

As a child, it seemed that our earth is flat and it must end somewhere, but we have never imagined what it would be like to see that view

A few years ago, a photo was becoming quite viral on social media, claiming that this is the place where the earth ends. The place is called "Sussex" located in England

This location looks like a cliff, renowned for the title "The place where the Earth ends". It is the most popular tourist spot considered to be the end of the world

From this cliff, you will see only clouds in every direction, seeing which you will realize that the earth has ended from here and there is nothing beyond it

In fact, the place is named "Beachhead", which is located in East Sussex, and this cliff is the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, rising up to 531 ft above sea level

But most sadly, this area is also notable for being a suicide spot, as its height gives it such a title. Its peak is so high for depressed people to commit suicide

That's why the team of Beachy Head is available here all the time to keep an eye on the area to see if anyone is doing any mischief or harmful activity

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