The Mysterious Son Bhandar Caves 

India has many such tourist places where the treasure of kings and emperors is said to be hidden. One such place is Son Bhandar caves.

The Largest Hidden Treasure

During the reign of Bimbisara, the Magadha empire had a huge treasure, the value of which was difficult to estimate.

King's Wife Hid The Treasure At Rajgir 

When king's son Ajatashatru usurped the throne of Magadha and imprisoned the king, the Bimbisara's wife hid the treasure at Rajgir in Bihar.

Treasure Hidden In Son Bhandar Caves

Son Bhandar Caves are also located in Rajgir, which is said to be the entry point to reach the treasure.

The Caves Built By Cutting A Mountain

King cut down a mountain and built these caves, as he had a fear that one day his son might ruin his kingdom in greed for treasure.

Treasure Could Never Be Stolen 

Many rulers made numerous attempts to steal the treasure with all their might, but they could not succeed.

Efforts Made By British Govt

The British Govt also tried to break the cave's wall with cannonballs but failed to do so.

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Marks On The Cave's Wall

The marks of cannon balls can still be seen clearly on the wall of the cave.