The Time When Some Trees Suddenly Started Walking

Mystery Of Walking Trees

Many supernatural trees are often mentioned in tales and stories, which eat humans. But fortunately, these are all fabricated things, which have no scientific basis

But there are many such plants in nature, which are known for their peculiar characteristics, such as the pitcher plant, which traps and eats insects

Now imagine how it would be if you came to know that even the trees have started moving. Yes, something similar happened in Costa Rica

when people noticed that the trees around them were changing their positions. Now obviously they were scared as they thought it was some kind of ghostly event

but then scientists uncovered the mystery that it is actually the so-called walking palm trees, named "Socratea exorrhiza", that have evolved so much that

they can move from shady areas to sunny areas at their convenience. To do this, they leave their roots behind and move to a new place and make a new root

Though this tree does not move like humans, but it has some movements of its own, which enable it to move from one place to another

This is possible because of its unusual root system. When new roots come, this tree moves forward, as if it is walking, sometimes about two to three centimeters per day

Generally, most trees have a single trunk and roots inside the ground, but the roots of this tree rise a few feet off the ground, looking as if it has many little legs

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