One Second And Millions Of Planets Destroyed

The Real Power Of Gamma Ray Burst

Imagine if you could collect energy from thousands of galaxies, each containing billions of stars, and use this power to wield the biggest super-weapon in the universe

Just think how much damage you can do. These energetic explosions actually do exist and are called gamma-ray bursts

A gamma-ray burst is considered one of the most strongest and immensely energetic explosions in the universe lasting anywhere from a few milliseconds to several minutes

Gamma-ray burst releases many times more energy in just ten seconds than the amount of energy our sun releases in its entire life

It is such an explosion that can destroy millions of planets in just a fraction of time. In front of GRB, a supernova explosion also seems to be very small

Gamma Ray Burst usually occurs when two neutron stars collide or merge with each other causing the formation of a black hole

GRBs can be seen being produced in the center of most distant galaxies and release an immensely large amount of energy in just one second of time

It is the brightest event ever detected by scientists in the universe as they emit so much intense light that it can make your eyes blind in just half a second

Gamma-ray bursts last for only several minutes at most but even a second would be enough for them to mess up all the complex life on the planet

It can destroy our earth at an extreme level, but it depends on its distance and beam path because a gamma-ray burst can be unaffected if they're not in the beam path

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