The Sad Story Of Laika, The Space Dog

The First Animal To Orbit The Earth

Until 1957, no one had gone to the Moon and people on Earth had no idea how gravity would act if one were in space, or how safe a person would be in a spacesuit

So looking for a solution, a dog was chosen in Russia to see how the space environment would affect a dog's body

A stray female dog named Laika was selected from the streets of Moscow to be sent into space through the Sputnik 2 spacecraft

To prepare her for this space journey, several sensors were placed on Laika's body to measure her breathing and pulse rate

Laika was launched into low orbit on 3 November 1957, during which she was completely frightened as shown by her breathing and pulse rate sensors

But the technology at that time was not that advanced and the heat inside the cabin she was in started rising so much that the temperature went above 40 degrees

Unfortunately, after spending seven hours on this journey, a dog could not tolerate the continuous temperature over 40 degrees, which caused her pulse to go off permanently

Laika became the world's first space dog who died in space and her body melted in the spacecraft due to extreme heat

After technological advancements, various other animals have been sent into space including monkeys, dogs, cats, etc

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