What happened When Apsara Urvashi Saw Her Husband In Naked State

The Tragic Love Story Of Urvashi, An Apsara, And King Pururavas

There are many mythological stories in Hinduism, and in such stories, almost all the gods and goddesses, kings and emperors, warriors and apsaras are mentioned

Today we are ready to narrate one such mythological story, which is depicted as the tragic love story of Urvashi and her husband Pururavas

Pururavas was a great warrior of his time, and Indra (the king of Svarga) had many times sought help from him during the war against the Asuras

Urvashi on the other hand was a beautiful nymph (Apsara) in the court of Indra. Bored with the comforts of celestial life, she once descends to spend some time on earth

While spending time on Earth, she was abducted by a demon or asura named Keshi, who was determined to make her his bride

When she was screaming furiously, Pururavas was traveling nearby and saw the Keshi. He chased the demon on his chariot and fought with him, and rescued Urvashi

Pururavas accidentally touched Urvashi and this was the first time when a mortal had touched Urvashi, causing an emotion of warmth to course through her body

Pururavas too became attracted to Urvashi by seeing the seductive beauty of this heavenly nymph. But then, Urvashi left him and went back

In heaven, she could not stop thinking about Pururavas. But the love of these two reached a higher level during a play

Actually, Urvashi participated in a play in which she was playing the role of Goddess Lakshmi and mistakenly took the name of Pururavas instead of Lord Vishnu

After watching the entire scene, rishi Bharata who was directing the play got angry and cursed Urvashi to stay on earth and beget children like humans

Urvashi descended on Earth, and both met each other and expressed their love. The two decided to live together, but Urvashi had one condition

As per her condition, they should never see each other naked while they are making love. Pururava accepted Urvashi's condition and started living together

They had completed 64 years in their love affair but still, both were living happily and were not ready to leave each other, making Indra and other devas jealous

One night Urvashi's sheep were stolen by the devas, and on hearing the noise, Urvashi woke up and requested Pururavas to see what was happening

Pururavas was naked at the time, as he had just woken up from sleep and didn't have enough time to wear clothes, And being in a naked state, he had to chase the devas

But suddenly, the devas sent lightning from heaven that illuminated the night and the two saw each other naked, violating the condition

On violating the condition, the heartbroken Urvashi left for heaven, leaving both of them extremely unhappy

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