Thomas Johnson

The Time Travel Story Of A Boy Who Disappeared In 1912 And Returned After 60 Years 

Many such incidents of time slips have been reported around the world where people suddenly feel as if the environment around them is no longer the same as it was some time before

This story dates back to 1912 when a ten-year-old boy Thomas Johnson lived with his father in the countryside of New York

There exists an artificial lake near his father's farm which was considered very mysterious as very strange things were happening around and inside

Thomas's father strictly forbade him and his friends to go near the lake as several times the animals went to the lake and never returned as they disappeared under suspicious circumstances

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One day, ignoring his father's words, Thomas went near the lake with his friends and saw that suddenly a "whirlpool" started forming in the lake

Curious Thomas went a little closer to the lake to witness the clear view. But in an instant the whirlpool absorbed Thomas, causing him to vanish into the water 

Thomas's father sought help from the police. Police launched a big search operation and the entire area was searched but no trace of Thomas was found

In 1970, almost 60 years after that unfortunate incident, Thomas' father was walking near the same lake one day and recalled the memories of Thomas

Suddenly a similar kind of whirlpool began to form in the lake from which a boy appeared in the water, whose age seemed to be about 15 years

Of course, it was Thomas, and for a while, the father couldn't believe that his son had returned after so many years and was standing right in front of him

Thomas had traveled through an invisible time portal to a place where time passed more slowly than on Earth. Thomas had only passed five years but 60 years had passed on earth