Myths And Legends From Sumatra

The Tiger People

Humans Who Could Turn Themselves Into A Tiger

Sumatra island in Indonesia is a vast rainforest, inside which many secrets are hidden. The tribal people here are well aware of the mystical dimension of this region

The forest has always been inhabited by tiger people, the people who have developed amazing powers through occult practices and dark rituals

These tiger people had a double life as they have the power to transform themselves into a tiger, who lived in the uninhabited areas of this forest

In the daytime, they behave like ordinary people. But during the night they transform themselves into tigers and go hunting in the jungle to satisfy their hunger

In the 18th century, there lived a salesman who traveled from village to village to sell clothes. One day he saw a hut in a village, and when he knocked on the door

An old woman opened the door. He asked her to buy clothes, but she refused. But now it was dusk, and it was no longer possible for him to go back to his village

Also, the fear of tigers at night was troubling him. So he asked if the old woman allowed him to stay in her house for one night as the forest was full of tigers

But she feels sorry for the salesman because she could do nothing for him and forbade him to enter the house, which scares the salesman even more

But seeing his miserable condition, the old woman felt very pity for him. So she decided to tell the salesman the truth about her family

She told him that her husband, brother, and son all turn into tigers at night, so it would be difficult to save his life even in the hut

The salesman made fun of her and started burning a fire near the hut to spend the night. But in the night, he saw three males and the old lady turning into a tiger

He was completely frightened, but because of fire, the tigers could not come close to him. He fled back to his village and narrated this horrific story to everyone

But when the villagers visited and explored the place with him, there was no hut

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