The Mysterious Time-Warping Mist Of Golosov Ravine

In the heart of Moscow, Russia lies a mysterious deep ravine of wilderness holding the natural charm, known as the Golosov Ravine

The Mysterious Time-Warping Mist Of Golosov Ravine

A quite prevalent story about this region is there exists a time travel portal in the vicinity of Golosov Ravine that gets activated at any time

In 1621, a small unit of soldiers mysteriously arrived at Golosov Ravine, having entered a time portal and experiencing a 50-year gap to their original time

This wasn't the only time-travel incident that took place in this ravine as many other unexplained events have also occurred here

In 19th century, two young men experienced the same phenomenon as they saw a green mist in the middle of the Ravine through which they entered and returned after twenty years

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