Guardian Angel In The Grand Canyon

True Stories of Angel Encounters

For centuries, angels have been described as beings who are divine and supernatural and are considered servants of God

They are also called "messengers with wings". They act as intermediaries between God and humans and are the protectors of humanity who sometimes guide humans

Humans pray to angels in their bad times as every person has a guardian angel. From time to time people have had visions of angels that have changed their lives

The grand canyon is famous across the world because of its beautiful locations and landscape, attracting millions of tourists every year

But in the year 1977, one of those tourists experienced a moment of terror so intense that even today it still haunts her

According to the report, a man named Harland Michigan one day took his family to the Grand Canyon National Park to spend a vacation

He also brought along his sister named Jamie, who had a great passion for photography

The family was walking around looking at the view of the grand canyon but Jamie was enjoying photography at a different location with the kids

But She also wanted to capture the depth of the Canyon in the camera, the only way to which was to cross the Guardrail

Without thinking anything, Jamie crossed the guardrail and started taking pictures, but suddenly one of her feet slipped and she started sliding straight down

She had an idea that she was going to die now, but suddenly she stopped in the middle of slipping as if some invisible force had caught hold of her and stopped her

Standing at height, her family broke down into tears as somewhere they realized that she would not survive

But then all of a sudden what happened, where one second she was stuck in the middle of the cliff, and the next moment she was on top of the cliff

She remembers nothing about what happened during that precious moment

On the other hand, Jamie's mother was sitting in her room 150 miles away, when suddenly she had a vision that her daughter was about to die

In a panic, she prayed to the angels and this scary vision ended, and at the same time, Jamie had been saved

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