Tunnel No.33 (The Barog Tunnel)

The Story Behind the Haunted Tunnel

Shimla is a beautiful hill station but while you are busy admiring the natural beauty of this gorgeous city, there is something else that will immediately catch your attention

There is a tunnel in Shimla, called tunnel number 33, from where the train passes and with a length of 1143.61 m, it is the longest tunnel in the Kalka - Shimla Railway

It is also known as "The Barog Tunnel", which was named after a British Railway Engineer during the 19th century

The tunnel project was taken by Colonel Barog, who was a British railway engineer

He had signed the contract and the last date was also decided that by this date he would have to complete this project

Colonel Barog committed a mistake of boring the tunnel from both ends of the mountain, which is quite common as it speeds up construction

The workers kept on boring from both ends but did not meet even after crossing the center of the mountain

But after several attempts by the crew, Colonel realized that due to his miscalculations, the alignments of the tunnel had gone wrong

So when he could not complete the project on time, the government fined him a huge amount of money and this incident ended the career of Barog

He committed suicide somewhere around this half-built tunnel, and due to his unexpected death, the residents of Shimla say that his spirit still resides in this tunnel

After the Barog death, voices were often heard there, but locals say that he is a friendly ghost

The tunnel work was finally completed in September 1903 and was named to show respect to Colonel Barog

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