A Lost Mythological Creature

The Miraculous Creature That Went Extinct

A unicorn is a legendary creature with many magical abilities that appeared in early Mesopotamian artworks, depicted as a white horse, with a straight horn on its forehead

In some poetic passages of the Bible, there is a mention of the word "re'em", which has been translated as "unicorn". It is a symbol of purity and grace

In ancient Greek bestiary, known as the Physiologus, described the unicorn as a strong, fierce animal whose running speed was so fast that it was impossible to be caught

The only way to capture it was that the unicorn could only be caught by a virgin girl

Once a Greek king wanted to capture the unicorn, so he sent a beautiful virgin maiden to the territory of the unicorn to trap it

As the unicorn sees her, it went closer to her and lays its head on her lap, and falls asleep, as a result of which the maiden takes it to the king's palace

The horn of the unicorn is said to be miraculous, as it is described that the unicorn could neutralize poison with its horn and heal sickness

The famous Greek historian Ctesias wrote in his writings that this miraculous creature exists in the wild jungles of India and the mountain ranges of the Himalayas

Several ancient steatite seals were recovered from the sites of the Indus Valley Civilization, in which the depiction of the unicorn can be clearly seen

Great historical figures, such as Aristotle and Pliny the Elder, mentioned unicorns in their writings

Julius Caesar also wrote about the sighting of a unicorn in the Hercynian Forest in Germany

Even Chinese mythology describes a creature, sometimes called "the Chinese unicorn", with a single horn as its defining feature

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