Supernatural Serpents In Indian Folklore

What Are Ichchadhari (Wishful) Serpents 

Indian history tells us about many such snakes that have the ability to transform into any form, known as Ichchadhari snakes

These snakes can even take the form of humans and are considered quite divine. The story of the origin of these serpents in Indian mythology is quite interesting

According to legend, once a pair of Naag (male snake) and Naagin (female snake) were mating in the forest. Then suddenly some hunters caught sight of them

And out of fear, the hunter attacked the snakes, due to which the male snake (Naag) died on the spot, and Naagin became badly injured

Naagin was greatly pained by this incident, but unable to do anything. So it started worshiping Lord Shiva and doing penance in demand of justice

After a long time, Lord Shiva appeared and blessed it with many powers. Now the Naagin could change its form whenever it wanted and could kill anyone with its power

Now since this pair was of cobra species, it is believed that from that day onwards if a cobra completes the age of 100 years, it can become a wish-fulfilling snake

Now at the time of Swati Nakshatra, when it drinks raindrops, those drops turn into Naagmani, also known as Sarpamani and that snake becomes Ichchadhari

The Nagmani is considered one of the 9 precious stones and if a person acquires it, he can never lack money and even his all wishes start getting fulfilled

For obtaining this Naagmani, Snake charmers (Sapera) used to search for Icchadhari snakes in the olden time

There are hundreds of such stories in Indian folklore where the Snake charmers encountered Icchadhari snakes

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