What If Oxygen Levels Doubled In The Earth's Atmosphere?

A healthy person breathes about 23,000 times a day and the human body gets 90% of energy from oxygen as food gives us just 10 percent of our energy needs

But what if the amount of oxygen doubles i.e. increases from 21 to 42%? Well, it sounds quite beneficial, but you will be completely stunned to hear its disadvantages

About 300 million years ago, oxygen on earth was about 30% compared to today's 21%, due to which the creatures present at that time were 2 to 3 times bigger than today

So today if oxygen in our earth's atmosphere increases doubled. Then all small insects like cockroaches, spiders, bees, and others will increase immensely in size

Because if such insects get more oxygen, their size will increase rapidly. The size of an ant will be equal to the pigeon and Dragonflies would grow to the size of hawks

Every person will feel more energetic and there will be better blood circulation within humans, which will reduce diseases. But this will be for a very short time

Because too much oxygen in the body can lead to something called oxygen toxicity, which can lead to exhaustion and death

Due to double oxygen, anything will catch fire very quickly and forest fires will become more destructive. The incidents of fire will start more and more often

In addition, there will be no need for oxygen cylinders while ascending Mount Everest. Because even after reaching such a high peak, you will be able to breathe easily

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