What Is Flash Flood?

Flooding due to heavy rains is not a new thing these days, but if you ever see running water carrying huge amounts of silt and rocks, run away from there immediately

Because flash flood is a slightly different flood occurring in a shorter period of time, in which not only water but debris of other things like mud and rocks is involved

When the embankments break with a rapid flow of water due to the heavy or excessive rainfall in the mountains miles away in a short period of time

A sudden flood unexpectedly occurs in low areas, it is called a flash flood. A flash flood can even occur without any rainfall, such as after a levee or dam has failed

Flash flooding is considered more dangerous because it comes suddenly and no one can prepare for it and anyone can get injured by the debris that comes with it

According to experts, a major possible reason for flash floods is the rapid melting of glaciers or heavy rains in the mountains

Due to heat, the water of glaciers starts filling in the lakes formed on the slopes of the mountains, and due to the increased pressure of water, floods occur

Many such lakes in Himalayas may pose a threat in the coming times. The flood in Kedarnath in 2013 was a flash flood, in which over 5,000 people were presumed dead

Thousands of tonnes of silt and water from the mountains washed away the town of Kedarnath due to the sudden flash flood caused by the heavy rain following a cloudburst

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