What Is Ayahuasca?

One of the most mysterious drinks described in folklore and scriptures

Since ancient times, there has been mention of some such miraculous drinks, which people claimed to use for their spiritual growth

Among these drinks, some drinks are those whose recipes are still available and people use them, and one such drink is Ayahuasca

It is a "psychedelic" drink used especially by shamans in amazon tribes and North American communities

These people prepare this drink by manually processing a particular plant and after drinking it their consciousness states are altered

These altered states of consciousness are often known as "psychedelic experiences", which involve altered perceptions of reality and visual hallucinations

It is said that after drinking Ayahuasca, the eyes have to be closed and then the mind starts experiencing the perceptions of some other world

This is a ritual to be done for spiritual benefit. During this, people see different realms and different types of beings which are connected to that person somewhere

But sometimes dangerous and scary experiences also come to the fore, which leads people toward depression. In Addition, Ayahuasca is also used by shamans for healing

In ancient times, shamans used Ayahuasca for spiritual growth, and they believed if spiritual practices were combined with Ayahuasca, progress would be much faster

Even today people visit these communities and experience Ayahuasca trips, but this should always be done under the supervision of an expert shaman 

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