What Is Ocean Dandruff Or Marine Snow?

A Continuous Shower In The Deep Ocean

Everyone might have seen snow falling in mountainous regions, but have you ever experienced the same phenomenon in the deep ocean?

If you ever travel to the deep ocean you should expect it to be cold and dark, with a high chance of snow. But not snow as in "ice crystals" form

Here we are talking about underwater snow in the form of white flakes. Although, these flakes are not actually snow

In essence, these millimeter-sized flakes consist of dead creatures and poop, referred to as Marine Snow, also known as Ocean Dandruff 

Marine snow is made up of mostly organic matter, including dead animals or plants, poop from animals, decaying animals, and the remains of plankton

This phenomenon lasts throughout the year. You may be disgusted by it, but it is a very delicious food source for the small creatures living in the seabed

When animals and plants present near the ocean surface die and decompose, they start falling toward the ocean floor. It's nature's incredible way to transport food

These snowflakes grow as they fall and some reach several centimeters in diameter before reaching the ocean floor. Sometimes it even takes weeks and months to reach seabed

Underwater snow however is more than just food as these white flakes have some role to play in keeping the earth cool

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