Who Invented Emojis And When?

How Emoji Became Increasingly Popular Worldwide

A Brief History Of Emoji

Nowadays, everyone chats with their friends and relatives on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram as presently people prefer chatting more than calling on the phone

Also, while chatting, everyone mostly embedded emojis in the text as compared to simple messages, showing that emojis now have become a necessity for everyone

Simply, these emojis are a new language of the digital world, by sending which one person tells another about his emotions without saying or writing anything

But now the question arises where did these emojis first come from and who invented them and how did they appear in our mobile

If we talk about the history of emojis, then in 1999, for the very first time, emoji made its appearance on Japanese mobile phones

A person named Shigetaka Kurita, who works in Japan's NTT DOCOMO company as a designer, invented the first emoji

He is considered to be the founding father of today’s emojis who released a set of 176 emojis for mobile phones

Pictures like the sun, moon, cloud, and umbrella were first used in the form of emojis. Then other emoji such as car, ship, airplane, and bicycle came into existence

These small pictures in the form of emojis became quite famous in Japan, and later, gradually, these emojis started becoming popular worldwide

In the year 2009, a couple of designers at apple company released 625 new emojis, which spread to all mobile makers in just two years

In a gradual way, iPhone and all Android-based companies changed their keyboard and added all kinds of emojis to them

Now the emoji craze has grown so much that over 95 percent of mobile users use different types of emoji in their text

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