Why Are Emojis Mostly Yellow?

Science of Emoji Colors and Impact on Mind

It has become quite common to use emojis while texting someone as everyone makes use of emojis countless times, daily to express their emotions and feelings

But have you ever wondered why emojis are mostly shown in yellow color, even though it is used to express a thought or an emotion?

Wherever you look, whether in memes or mobile apps, they will always be represented in yellow, specifically smiley faces

Actually, it is quite easy to see the details on the yellow background, so that you can clearly understand the idea or thought behind any emotion

In this picture, you can see the yellow and blue colored emojis together. Now tell which one of these emojis looks the most acceptable and detailed. Of course, It is yellow

According to the designers' point of view, the yellow color expresses the mood, and furthermore, yellow is seen as the color of happiness, glory, and wisdom

Yellow color can also be used to show negative emotions, as it expresses a mood. But still, you must have noticed that the angry emoji is represented by the red color

Showing anger with red emojis seems fine, but in the rest of the emotions, mostly yellow emojis are used

Some experts even say that the color of the emoji corresponds to the color of the person's skin, reflecting someone's identity as it matches the skin tone

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